The Press:

The Gallipoli Oak:

“Fascinating… a highly recommended account.” Paul Reed (WW1 television consultant and author of books including the best-selling Walking The Somme)

“I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. A fantastic achievement.” Clive Harris (WW1 television consultant, author and lead tour guide at the internationally acclaimed BattleHonours)

“A deeply moving and inspiring tale of love, loss and remembrance.” Pam Norfolk (Book editor: The Lancashire Evening Telegraph)

“Well written… it really is an object lesson in how this [kind of book] can be done. Well worth having on your shelves.” (Reviews: The Great War Forum 1914-1919)

Doing Our Bit:

“You don’t have to have any link to Middleton – although you will soon feel one – to find this personal account of the Great War an absorbing and moving experience. An amazing amount of detail about individual lives, both in battle and on the home-front, was collected. Above all, it is so very human and difficult to read some passages without a lump in the throat.” David Graham on Doing our Bit (Book Editor: Manchester Evening News)

“Not only a good read, it should become a valuable, if not essential, tool for history teachers and students. One of the most poignant Great War stories ever written.” Gerry Sammon on Doing our Bit  (Editor in Chief: The Middleton and North Manchester Guardian, The Rochdale Observer and The Heywood Advertiser)

“An excellent book, very well researched. I have lots of books with a similar kind of ‘local’ interest but this is up there with the best. Extremely readable and absorbing for anyone.” Tom Morgan on Doing our Bit (Editor: Hellfire Corner)